Case Study: Roxburgh Park Primary School


Vizoo asked its newest client, Gwen Pringle what she thought of the new Vizoo Visitor Management system at Roxburgh Park Primary. Here's what Gwen had to say:

How have you found the new VIZOO Visitor Management Solution?
The new system is fabulous!

How easy has this new technology been to use?
The system is very easy to use, we have a very high percentage of people who don’t speak or write English and we have found this system  great for them.

How do you see the school benefiting from this new technology in the short and long term?
This is a system is time saving for the office staff and it stops the paper warfare.

Has the transition from a paper based system to a new system been beneficial?
Absolutely, what a time saver after the initial setup and having to show the parents / visitors how it works.  It seems to be running very well with very little input from the office staff.

What other problems can you foresee the system solving other than the obvious ones?
I can’t for see any problems, it’s onward and upwards from here on in.

What other functionality or improvements can suggest that would assist in making the system even better?
I would really like it if we could get a few languages put onto the system as the translation is sometimes a problem.  We have a lot of Arabic, Turkish and Lebanese families although a range of languages would be very helpful in a drop down box.

Add any further information
I would like to say that our new system has had many many compliments regarding how easy it is to use.  So the different languages is the only thing I could think of that will make a great system even better. 



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