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Visitor management that secures your School.

Visitor Management Solution (VMS) for education

VIZOO Education - Visitor Management for the Australian Education Sector

Specially customized for the Australian Education sector, VIZOO Education provides a solution based Visitor Management System to secure your school community.

First Impressions.

The front counter of your school becomes clutter free and any visitor, parent or contractor will gain a positive first impression immediately.


VIZOO is unique in its offering to provide a banner area to promote sponsorship within the school. This sponsorship can help cover the cost of the visitor management solution and/or raise much needed funds for other school amenities.

Visitor Management Solution.

It will remove the outdated paper based system on your front counter and replace it with a fully automated tablet. Keep track of visitors, contractors, staff and students.

Zero Maintenance.

It's easy to set –up and use VIZOO. Fully setup off-site, the VIZOO solution is an out-of-the-box customized solution that means plug’n play and no reliance on the school technicians.

Securing your school.

In an emergency you will know who is on site and who has checked out. As a Principal you will have peace of mind in knowing you aren’t reliant on a piece of paper on the front desk.

Data Entry & Backup.

All Data entry is quick and easy. Cloud storage allows for easy data analysis & automatic archiving. The tablet has battery backup in case of a black out.

Who to Contact about your new VIZOO VMS?

For more information about VIZOO Education please contact us on 0414 192 324 or via email


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