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Real Estate Visitor management solution (VMS)

VIZOO Real Estate - Visitor Management for the Real Estate Sector

Specially customised for the Real Estate sector, VIZOO Real Estate provides a Visitor Management solution that is safe, secure and overall, efficient.

First Impressions.

The front counter of your office becomes clutter free from manual sign in registers with your brand reinforcement & messages for visitors.


Automatically sends messages to your staff notifying of guest arrivals.


Automatically signs staff in and out of the office with geo fencing technology.

Show Case Properties.

A great way to display properties to all visitors.

Revenue Opportunity.

Charge your bank to advertise on screen.

Securing your office.

In an emergency you will know who is on site and who has checked out. As a business owner you will not be relying on a piece of paper to manage OH&S compliance.

Zero Maintenance.

It is easy to set up and use Vizoo. It is an out of the box customised solution which can just be plugged in and used without the need for technicians.

Data Entry and Back up.

All data entry is quick and easy. Secure Cloud based storage allows easy data retrieval and analysis.

Who to Contact about your new VIZOO VMS?

For more information about VIZOO Real Estate please contact us on 0412 344 945 or via email

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